Poetic journey through the lanes of 'Kashur Qalam'
Published on January 29, 2017

Poetic journey through the lanes of 'Kashur Qalam'

Poetic journey through the lanes of 'Kashur Qalam'

Rainbow has unfortunately deprived me of its seven arcs representing seven oceans of merriment. This exhausted state turned my attention back to study. Poetry again served my tormented senses. Rhyme adjusted petals on my papers and micro- screen like a teenager who carefully preserves apt quotes in the veins of his diary to narrate newly cultivated woes and worries. Prompts from Pampore were mouth-watering, response heavenly and encouragement inspiring. An endeictic inbox messages, in the belief of bards is one which exhibited a specimen of excellence on one hand and side criticism, however in lighter sense on the other , made this month a remarkable package of pleasure. Some broken rhymes, half lines, unmarked verses, poor punctuations, understatements, hyperbolic poetic devices and constrictions taught more than melodious verses for the reason faux pas forces a free bird to fix its wings for better fight and better pondering to develop the eyes of alert hawk, sensitive and penetrative. On top of the list , bards of brilliance on the other side of the table poured out wine of wisdom so much appealing into the worthy goblets of budding poets to celebrate their presence in the tavern. My worthless goblet thank God like others got a due share, the effect of which has not only jewelled my necklace but has also opened avenues, platforms and portals where poetry serves and derives deserving commendation.

Apart from sharing verses on micro-platform like "Kashur Qalam", what made the January Sun to blaze , is how poetry has connected bleeding hearts of bards irrespective of age, gender and experience. Poetry indeed has connected the members of "Kashur Qalam" like couplets of Ghazal to satiate the needs of Ballad Queen Santooshji who in near future may carry forward the 'Voice of Valley' across the globe. Her flow is fashioned with conventional and contemporary themes, making her voice most readable and loving. Mr. Shabir Ahmad, a serious voice, a remarkable artist and intelligent poet is the pick of bunch for the month of January. The way his verses are composed, one honestly can predict his future as a major voice of youth for his 'tool box ' is copious with classical and modern styles of  versification. This humble write-up seems only a verbal jugglery without a special mention of Mr. Parveez Ali, a core member of the concern who administrated a stout verve in the very spine of budding poets to open their folded wings with a well designed purpose of letting them soar in the Blue. His verses have earned him a name, an attribute....'Keats'.

Among veterans, the said writing club is blessed with Mr. Zahid, a  renowned poet of the valley whose poetic excellence requires no introduction. Mr. Majrooh Rashid, an eminent writer and Waseem Akram Malla, a core member of the concern, known for his ghazal writing have contributed their valuable verses to inspire the rest.

My fingers are eager to mention two name, but my forlorn vocabulary has always put me on cross. Anyway, the two young poets who have impressed one and all are: Badee- u -Zaman and Gowhar Naz. Badee is a promising young poet with a severe pain embedded within him, his seriousness in dealing with this art has made him instrumental. His poems carry a strong message, the latent pain necessary for a voice to tower the urge of a sensitive mind and pulsating pulse is well seen in his flow. Humour is a strong component of existence, Gowhar Naz is undoubtedly copious with such natural tendency , his verses are subtle and sweet like his wit.

"Kashur Qalam" is equipped with a strong feminine voice, may it be Sunayana Kachroo with her poems focused on human agony or Saddiya Ayaz digging deep to bring at fore social issues and sad state of a conscious mind. Neha Sharma's pearls are well bedecked by Tabina Mir. Monika Ajay and Farah Wani both have contributed to the satisfaction of core group of the concern. Touseef Khan, Mohsin Kamal, Faizan Wani, Saleem Rashid Shah,Waqas Khan, Asif Sultan and Nasir Wani all are promising poets of valley and lot is expected of them to make this platform a success story for the generations to come. Before signing off ,I submit my apology for not doing justice with the kind of above mentioned talent in portraying their true potential owing to my limitations. All the poets who contributed throughout the month deserve space and special mention in this column which is dedicated to 'Kashur Qalam'.

Dew of the dale is fresh

So are the petals all

Let the wind read verses

To bring aroma of peace

Back to stand tall

Engulfed by ugly curses

To re-draft old crease

To free the wish from mesh.

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