Ignore criticism and move ahead
Published on February 12, 2017

Ignore criticism and move ahead

Ignore criticism and move ahead

No matter if enmasse or solo stroke would spoil the canvas, a dedicated artist knows how to put together the bits lying scattered on mud floor of his art room. If you snatch his colours, break his brush, lock his workshop, and above all impoverish his resources, despite this wreckage, art can never be ruined. A critic may find thousand faults, but his peep can never ever read the state of mind that brings at fore a true account of artist's mind. It is only a hypocrite whose strokes are designed under a well planned strategy and it is a hypocrite not the artist who moves his brush on orders given in an overbearing manner. 

A true artist is like a generating 'zeal' capable enough to festoon his wall out of debris, insignificant otherwise. There may be flaws indeed, but then teachers of art attribute much to mistakes. A mistake certainly  opens a window, a door or pulls down a veil to let the azure occupy much space hitherto unexplored. A courageous artist is vulnerable to  mistakes. His brush strokes may appear raw in the scheme of things put on his canvas, but what matters is his courage to honour 'labels' which in reciprocity enriches him to be able to endure tribulations without cracking his head- a reservoir of his archetype. 

Same is true with a poet or a writer. To compose a poem, one may not be able to create a mirror image of the bards of past who established rules and regulations. A budding poet prefers to open his 'tool box' involuntary and picks his apt tool to design his imaginations which to a critic is just an over pouring sentiment, devoid of technique. Well! technique is essential, but why to follow when one has capability to modify and reshape certain ways labelled as cliche. Breaking a convention is what every artist looks for. His technique may vary, he may not earn recognition from conventional critics, but then his recognition among emerging voices is enough to encourage him.

A mistake intentional or unintentional may not irritate a writer, for the reason known to his limitations, but when his literary piece is misread, he sheds his leaves in the very Spring for being axed to create a poor hut meant to enrich a critic whose reflections are fashioned on race, colour or religion and region. Language is universal, one's dialect cannot hamper its growth likewise one's diction cannot distort this ocean of words. Someone may have learnt in a better way for being exposed to healthy atmosphere,but then his contribution to spread it is what matters, if he fails to produce like minded, his diction is biased and if he gives room to others, it is his growth.

A poem may not satisfy a reader, its theme and technique may not find a shelf in one's memory, its diction may not be dulcet or for that matter its subject may be absurd, its form may be haphazard, but then what counts is how a poet has emerged out of cocoon of silence and subjugation. His move is remarkable for he comes out openly to expand the horizon of learning. A mistake of an emerging artist is better than a masterpiece of an expert who under the garb of plagiarism claims loyalty. Those who are on driving seat must bear in mind that they too were carried by others. Criticism for the sake of learning is a welcome gesture, it must be constructive, but if it breaks the spine only to enjoy a space of his own, the criticism of this sort must be ignored and one should make move.

Language is like a colour box with provides ample chance to reconstruct a desirable hue or tint and one must be free to select his shades to decorate his canvas. Art is to evolve out of one's frame and follies. To beautify the work of art is again a personal choice, an artist must not be killed for the sake of parameters. One learns with time and time fashions everyone. Mistakes , they say are mentors. Those who cannot dare to commit mistakes, are mistakes.  Be your own critic and reconstruct your edifice even if it requires a battering, but then battering makes a lump of gold otherwise worthless fit enough to bedeck a neck. Best ornament has the best customer. Create your own style but keep in mind, be in touch with artists who have helped the art and artists. Any work of art that carries artistic excellence serves the art. Those who claim to be on the driving seat must introspect for their art may have fetched a name in some quarters ,but they have still miles to go before creating a niche in the heart of a common man.

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