From Aysha’s Diary - IV
Published on March 12, 2017

From Aysha’s Diary - IV

From Aysha’s Diary - IV

“I am the Eve of this garden, devoid of Adam whom I have bedecked in the paradise with the flowers flowing in my mind. Petals and scent to me appear ordinary! Thorns and herbs too follow the law of impermanence. Dew of dawn dare not withstand against the blazing sun, burns its own veil, making everyone submissive! Yet, despite such paucity, I manage to nurse him with whatever my little unsophisticated mind could think. Yes, Reason is the strongest emotion. Nothing, save reason, I could utilize. The best way to festoon a beloved is to shower the garlands of reason for reason creates human out of man, a mould of earth they say otherwise.

I am the Eve of this dale, much alone and tormented. My best potential to whittle my limbs otherwise a group of bones intricately joined sans strength. For military might besides domestic violence has aided my razor sharp, curt and extravagantly blunt diction to narrate my woe. My nerves and veins are caught in the involuted and parlous mazes and labyrinths of political thuggery, making me a showcase of sex, scandals to satiate the lust of my companion who otherwise had promised to support and shelter me. Elegance personified. Force justified. Lust and love, a blend that my companion is working on tirelessly for the reason known to his unreasonable appendage- an unwanted protuberance of wishful thinking to bejewel me despite my ‘divine beauty’, seems a futile exercise of wasted muscles.

I am the Eve of this paradise, where my tress wanders in pain for my companion is taking a devilish delight to lure my attentions and thereby, enjoying the vile infancy of love proclaimed by his needs, raised by his biological requirements and praised by his sham heart which he claims to be of human origin. My tart tissues and mutilated muscles have been swallowing scaring red hot ambers of shame, for my tress has been exposed right at the square of a busy market with so many satanic eyes scanning my limbs, licking the odd honey coat pasted on my eyelids and cheeks and tearing me like vultures on a decomposed bird in the desert, pulling every fiber of my dead tissues and inviting the rest to enjoy the booty.

I am now a Queen of congregation, my actuality and factuality has turned my frame into a visible god of glamour. I have my kingdom well spread across length and breadth of the vicious circle called Globe. My rights and rules are well preserved in the bible of law and loyalty, my words and verdicts are framed in golden casings, my voice is recorded with the aid of gadgets working on Bluetooth and satellite communication.  My status is a burning issue for space explorers who are trying to make me The Queen of Moon and Mars. Patriarchal society has once again buried my son, my husband, and my kith and kins for a cause, materialistic of course. Taking refuge from the Sayings I recite, I narrate and reveal, but my companion has pierced lobs of his ear to enjoy the jingle otherwise meant to listen my sweet tale of bitter life. I have been dragged down the dale and hills to lure wanton vultures waiting on hill tops to pounce on.

I am the only Eve of this evening and the only Eve of that morning. I am being praised by the Bards for my beauty and grace, for my loyalty and love. I have oceans of love running through my breasts. Yes, I do submit myself for the sake of my baby, I suckle him. For my companion it appears just milk, white and warm, but to me it is my blood oozing out of love for my kid. Love is creative in nature and texture and hence it has a productive orientation.  I nurse my babe and curse my bones; I ignore the pain, plight and power of my companion for I am a mother, a sister, a daughter and a wife as well. Shall I proclaim I am living, pulsating or dead?  I shall keep myself available for the race and rationale approach, I shall bend nay before the whirlpool of woes. I have much strength and verve. I shall indeed change this dale one day when my companion shall return from the Paradise to support me, to love me for a cause and to tower my contribution up there above the minarets of mosques and edifices. I shall live like a free bird to soar in the air to identify a fellow down with ignorance and hatred. I shall once again be like a morning dew to touch the leaves saddened by the night and nightmares.  I am like all other human beings well aware of aloneness and powerlessness, but then my submission to the Lord, The Most Powerful is what administrates energy deep into my veins, making me to rise like morning sun and evening moon, making to float like a cloud and settle like a crimson veil of dusk on the horizon.

I am the Eve of this paradise and The Paradise. I shall keep my hem open for whosoever requires my warmth. Hidden in my sac are divine secrets, I am a holy book of a saint,  album of an artist, a song of a composer but above all a special creation of the Lord. I do posses patience and power, I am equipped with holy blessings, and my entire body is a narration with the cutting truth. I am what I stand for, a model of morality, a sage of sincerity and a woman with wisdom and variety. I shall uphold my promise, my passion to inspire man, my love to mankind, my compassion for animals and birds, my tender concern for leaves and flowers, my care for brooks and books, my admiration for seasons and serenity around. I am the Eve of this technological world; I shall keep on embracing new change to nurse my coming generations. Yes, I am proud to be a woman of the past and present. I am certain that once again I shall see myself as the Kind Queen of future”.

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