Uniqueness that makes a man crown of creation
Published on April 02, 2017

Uniqueness that makes a man crown of creation

Uniqueness that makes a man crown of creation

The term ‘man’ was once used for recognizing most imperative characteristic of human reality revealing a sacred of ‘physique’ and with the passage of time man the ‘ mind’ too passed along with the implications of cultivation of his own development.  With this kind of development, he was acquainted with wisdom and faith. For better development, man followed instructions and guidelines revealed through holy scripts to peep into his own territory called ‘soul’. With this wisdom, man emerged as a multi-faceted reality which later proved his uniqueness. It is by virtue of this uniqueness that he unfolded his corners of intellect which escorted his requirements to understand the need of deity. Owing to this development, his uniqueness in reciprocity helped him to study his own ‘being’ and thus his intellect himself opened a new stream of knowledge and man became interested in his own subjectivity. With the passage of time his curiosity to ‘know’ more about his characteristic features as a crown of creation inspired him to the extent that he started to migrate from crowd to isolations and became a hermit, lived a harsh life and motivated himself to know about his creator.

While this process of evolution was on, reason dropped in with certain theories which lead intellectuals away from the forests to cities for better life and luxury. Those living in caves and mountains continued to seek spiritual benefits from the nature and its bounties. The other class followed material lust and earned both luxury and lust for mundanity.  Sensitive minds who were keen to link the two ends of humanity that were moving poles apart to create their own niche were either ignored or labeled as ‘ dead wood’. In pursuit of knowledge the one in seclusions returned to cities with more wisdom and spiritual illuminations but the man in the pursuit of mundanity hardly received him and openly rejected his theories of metaphysics. Labeled him ascetic, fanatic and boring.

While denying the spiritual philosophy, capitalists spread their tentacles to lure neighbors and in turn these neighbors extend their relations to their immediate neighbors and thus the wave of ‘machine’ reached to every corner of the world and gradually world started to realize the importance and power of machine. And a hermit started anti- machine campaign to enlighten a man through sensitive and serious philosophy. In this race of development, one group lost his paradise and the other who was ignorant of his own potential regained his paradise. Thus in the same epoch man  lost his paradise on one hand yet on the other hand a sensitive mind explored his own ‘ being’ and followed the scripts seriously to preach. His preaching initially turned against him for he was neglected by ruling class. His practical wisdom was challenged; his spiritual knowledge was rejected owing to modern scientific thought that was on in full swing.

Speaking of the uniqueness of human being in the process of evolution of spiritual life, man realized that his uniqueness truly depends upon his creativity and transcendental religion and everyone started to follow the suit. It was evident that spiritual development stirs man’s other needs like biological and physical. This leads to posit a unique soul or Weltoffenheit in human beings, which does not deny our body and integrate it with other dimensions of human existence. ‘Being in the world’, as in Heidegger’s thought, is a unique feature of human beings as they are the only ones who are aware of their facticity and fallenness in the world.

The division between physical and spiritual entities led a serious dichotomy between mind and body leading a man not to depend on the world which was occupied by confusions created by material gods and capitalists who were indeed influenced by power to create hegemony only to control the other section who were deprived of economical development and kept on for the mission to control the world owing to economy and growth of machine. This growing tendency among intellectuals has not only deviated future generation from spiritual growth but has also motivated the to rely on machine language that is deprived of emotions and human touches. This spiritual infertility misguided otherwise a promising career through truth and spiritual maturity.






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