Know thy faults
Published on April 23, 2017

Know thy faults

Know thy faults

All is visible, nothing is hidden. Whatever is beyond conscious mind 'I' is shining like a majestic torch in a vast realm of Subconscious. For a Sufi, it is this infinite and intense capability that he terms as Heart --- a reservoir of wisdom and love. Conscious mind is a veil under which things pulsate and progress. We may be able to see the hem dancing in the wind, but the essence of the dance is perceived by the one whose Subconscious is actively engaged with Unity of Being, a basic doctrine that constitutes Sufi metaphysics.

God has made nonexistence appear solid and respectable; and

He has made Existence appear in the guise of nonexistence.

He as hidden the Sea and made the foam visible,

He has concealed the Wind and shown you the dust.

-         Rumi, Mathnawi, V,1026-27.

What forces us to develop attraction for material world is actually leading us to that secret that holds the hidden treasure within us. External or outer world only stimulate our senses to peer through the curtain of bones and flesh, through the wall of worries and reasons devoid of decorum. If the thought is sugar coated with texture, the experience follows, if the same thought is refined and refreshed with originality, the experience will certainly unfold the leaf bearing the name of the Gardner. This spiritual maturity which is not like a process of personal development but certainly ' Wisdom' that is associated with ' Growth', much needed projection that encourages a seeker to learn transition and transformation.

If your thought is a rose,

you are a rose garden;

if it is a thorn,

you are fuel for the bath stove.

-         Rumi, Mathnawi, II, 278

Our thoughts carve our sensitivities and lead us to be the citizen of Infinite Cosmos where one enjoys fight over the hills of crude and cuss mount tops of false self. What makes us to draw sketches of experience on our mind's hardboard is not our knowledge that we acquire either by nursing our verbal or non verbal saplings, but by uprooting the weeds of worries and wild grass of wickedness that resides in the recesses of false self. It is this sacrifice that connects us with spiritual vastness and attention that manages our drift from outer world and entry into the inner infinite universe.

In this world you have been clothed and rich,

but when you come out of this world, how will you be?

Learn a trade that will earn you forgiveness.

In the world beyond there's also traffic and trade.

Beside those earnings, this world is just play

As children embrace in fantasy intercourse,

or set up a candy shop, this world is a game.

Night falls, and the child

comes home hungry without his friends.

-         Rumi, Mathnawi, II, 2593-99.

This inner world too includes thoughts, emotions and subtler psychic impressions but with the attention earned after giving up external instincts, one can avoid becoming the victim of unconscious processes. Releasing these frets of physical luxuries, one can bring one's attention back to its specific seat after being robbed by thieves of different countries and islands. This is what Sufi's called self-healing which in reciprocity pulls all the veils of ignorance to heal the rotten wound of slavery. It is actually this healing that waters love and nurses the concern to teach a seeker of truth the lesson of Reality. The shift of this energy level from mundane world to spiritual infinite fans the flame of love within the cozy breath of seekers. Out of this smokeless flame, a Sufi cooks his own food, bakes his own bread and boils his own blood to be carried to the taverns where he drinks his own existence to be one with Love. Love alone leads to Love.

There is a polish for everything and the polish of the heart is the remembrance of God... A saying of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

By virtue of this polishing one is equipped with patience, gratitude, humbleness and compassion. All these virtues dissolve deepest fears and tensions. With this dissolution of fear and tension the positive attributes like aspiration, diligence, responsibility, self-respect, discipline and integrity will certainly emerge.

O, happy the soul that saw its own faults,

 and if anyone mentioned a fault

Wished eagerly to take responsibility-

for half of each person

has always belonged to the realm of fault,

but the other half belongs

to the Realm of the Unseen.

-         Rumi, Mathnawi, II, 3034- 35

What is positive in us is much greater than what is negative. The tyrannical ego which mercilessly drives us, must be brought down to its proper size to become a useful servant, messenger and loyal friend and the power that effectively transforms this tyrant is essential Self which helps us to surrender and submit to a greater will and wit. Submission is thus a true spiritual attitude.

Once you get a hold of selflessness,

You will be dragged from your ego,

and freed from many traps-

come, return to the root of the root of your Self.

-         Divani Shamas Tabriz...120

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